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14 DAY

14 DAY
FREE TRIAL is a response to the COVID crisis – an easy to use, low cost online ordering and payment solution for hospitality businesses. Ideal for offering ‘Click and Collect’.

Perfect for the non-technical business owner, is everything you need for your branded online presence.

And because you work hard, you deserve to keep more of what you earn – which is why we charge a low monthly flat rate of €25.

No Commission – No Contract – No Complications

‘Not only has made taking orders more efficient, but we’ve seen a significant increase in the value of our average order.’

Check out the Cooke’s of Caragh website.

Eamon Cooke

Owner, Cooke's of Caragh


Social Distance

With social distancing set to continue, online orders help you maintain your business while taking all possible precautions.

Value for Money

Low overheads are more important than ever. 

At €25 per month, FoodNow is the best value available.

Customer Insights

Learn more about your customer with detailed insights as well as marketing capabilities.

Branded Menu Page

Your customers will see a branded menu page with your logo and colours.

Link directly from your own website, Facebook or other Social Media page.

Accept Payments

We support YOUR Stripe account.

Stripe is the world leader in electronic payments, offering the lowest online fees available.

It’s your money, so payments go straight to your bank account and you keep 100% – we keep nothing, nada, zilch.

Or just accept payment on delivery or collection – the choice is yours.

Get Up and Running Today

We’re ready to go, so what are you waiting for?

Offer ‘Click and Collect’ this evening.

Delivery – Coming Soon

Launching with FoodNow is quick and easy, and we’re here to help. Check out our checklist for getting you up and running today.

Main Features

  • Branded Menu Page
  • Online or Cash Payments
  • Click and Collect (Delivery Coming Soon)
  • Flexible Opening / Ordering Hours
  • Flexible Menu Options
  • Can manage limited quantities (when it’s gone it’s gone)
  • Ordering optimised for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop
  • Superfast Checkout
  • Automatic Customer Confirmation Email
  • Easy to Use Admin Console
  • Receive Orders in our Easy to Use Admin Console.
  • Sales Reports
  • Marketing Database
  • Email and Live Chat Support
  • Training and Support included.
  • Comprehensive Knowledge Based / FAQ.
  • Orders direct to printer – coming soon.



€25 Per Month


No Commission
No Contract
No Complications


Optional Extras:
Menu Setup: €20 One Time Payment
Menu Management: €10 per month


Here’s just some of the questions we’re asked most:


How frequent are the collection slots on the system? That’s totally up to you. You set the amount of time between slots and also how many customers you can handle in a slot. You could choose to have 5 minute slots with 1 customer per slot, or you could choose to have 15 minute slots and allow up to 3 orders during that slot. Totally configurable and up to you.

Orders for lunch need to be placed by 11am. Can the system stop taking same-day orders once we pass 11am? Yes, you can set a ‘Hard Stop’ time. Once that time is past your customers won’t see any collection slots for that day.

Can I set a minimum notice period for orders? Yes, if you need 30 (or 20 or 40) minutes to prepare an order, then your customer won’t see any available collection slots until that amount of time has passed. For example, if you need 30 minutes, then at 5pm, the first available collection slot will be 5.30pm.

But sometimes orders need to be placed at least 1 / 2 / 3 days in advance. Can the system handle that? Yes, you can define any number of days notice which have to be provided for orders. So if you need 2 days notice, then on Monday, the first collection times your customers will see are on Wednesday.

How many days in advance can I accept orders? You can accept orders up to 3 days in advnace (today plus the next 2 days) or up to 6 days in advance (today plus the next 5 days).

How many ‘Categories’ (starter, main course etc etc) can I have on the menu? That’s totally up to you. You define as many as you want and you decide in which order they appear on the menu.

Can I make an item unavailable if I run out? Yes, a simple button click allows you to define the item as Unavailable which means it no longer shows up on your menu. You can reset it again anytime you want.

Can I offer a Meal-Deal / Combo where the customer has a very specific selection to choose from? – Yes you can. You define how many items are part of the offer and then you define what they can choose from. This is presented to the customer as a dropdown box for each item in the deal.

I only have 20 Rib-Eye steaks in the kitchen. Can the system keep track of how many are sold and stop selling them when I run out? Yes, you can enter the specific number of any item you have for sale and once they’re gone they are removed from the menu. You can then reset the counter at any time.

Can I offer specific Sides for the customer to choose with a Main Course? Yes you can have a pop-up offering specific sides and you can customise whether the customer can choose 1, 2 or more of those sides.

Can I receive an email when an order is placed? Yes. Our Admin Console has a screen where you can see (and hear) orders instantly, as they come in. But if you’d like to receive an email as well, then that is easy to setup.

Can I offer different menus (say lunch and dinner) in the same menu? You can’t include two menus on the one page, but you can have 2 separate pages, one for lunch and one for dinner, and then have separate buttons on your website or social media page.

Can I switch off the credit card field so that customers can pay when they come to collect? Yes, you decide whether you want your customers to pay online by credit card or when they come to pick up their order.


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